From tennis balls and coffee grounds company created a sneakers brand

Savana, a company specializing in the production of children’s shoes, has launched a new brand. (New Version of the World) aims to give life to some of the innovations in which the company has been investing in the field of sustainability.

“We decided to launch, a new brand of eco-friendly shoes from Savana. “Since the last few years, our company has been producing this type of product and we have grown alongside customers and our partners. We therefore wanted to create a more environmentally friendly brand”, explains the founder of the brand, Jorge Fernandes.

As the brand name suggests, (New Version of the World) wants to innovate in the field of shoes industry and believes that by incorporating waste such as tennis balls, apples and coffee bags they can be the coolest brand on the block.

Coffee bags and grounds, tennis balls, apples, tencel, are some of the materials that the company already incorporates into its products. “The brand features key materials, such as rubber soles that, being a natural product, can incorporate new, more sustainable ingredients. In this regard, we have a partnership with SBR and incorporate end-of-life tennis balls, coffee grounds, rice husks, cork, recycled soles, among others”, advances Jorge Fernandes. “In terms of cutting, we can incorporate grape skin, apple skin, cactus bark, hemp and recycled materials such as bottles that are collected from the ocean.

You can find more information about the brand and it’s values on their social media