The planet earth matters

— I am a pair of sneakers designed to drive environmental awareness.

— Materials USED

1. Upper: 26% Apple Waste + 38 % Polyurethane + 16% Cotton + 20% Polyester

2. Outsole: Natural Rubber and 26% Tennis Balls Waste (each pair of sneakers contains 4 reused tennis balls)

3. Lining: 100% Organic Cotton

4. Insock: 100% Rizo Bamboo + 100% Recycled Foam

5. Laces: 100% Organic Cotton or Jute + 100% Organic Cotton


— Originally produced in southern Italy, in Tyrol, apples are cultivated for the production of juices, and other types of food products.

Apple waste that is not reused (about 30.000 tons) is thermally destroyed or deposited in landfills. is recovering this waste, giving rise to Apple Skin, obtaining the vegan and sustainable material that we use in the upper of our sneakers.



— Every year, around the world, around 300 million tennis balls are manufactured, which end up being sent to decompose in landfills at the end of their useful life.

These are not recyclable and take an average of 2,500 years to decompose. For that reason, we give new life to tennis balls at the end of their life, recovering them and incorporating them into the soles of some of the sneakers, together with soles of natural origin. The treatment of tennis ball waste is carried out in Portugal.



— Bamboo fabric, originally produced in Indonesia, is nothing more than a fiber made from bamboo viscose, a natural and biodegradable resource.

The use of this type of fiber allows several advantages when compared to other textiles, such as the extremely soft touch, thermoregulatory capacity and also due to its anti-allergic properties it is used in the interior and laces of some of our sneakers.


Natural Rubber

— Natural rubber is a polymer of plant origin, obtained from the coagulation of a latex collected from some plant species, such as the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) found in Brazil. It’s obtained by cutting the trunk of the tree where the sap is collected. Each tree produces about 30 grams of latex per day.

Natural rubber is used in the production of the sole of sneakers, making it an ecological and vegan component.

Organic COTTON

— The cultivation of organic cotton, from Turkey, is a solution found to reduce the environmental impact, since it is produced in a sustainable way, without resorting to any kind of chemical products or pesticides, protecting natural resources, respecting people, animals and the environment.

The organic cotton used in the lining and laces of some of our sneakers is a hypoallergenic natural fiber, biodegradable, breathable, without chemical residues, with a soft texture and without risks to health.


— Kraft cardboard is used in the manufacture of packaging and boxes, due to its high resistance and because it is produced from recycled paper and cardboard.

The boxes used to ship footwear are FSC – Forest Stewardship Council certified, whose main purpose is to encourage forest owners and managers to improve their social and environmental practices, thus contributing to the production of materials in a more sustainable and conscious way.


Recycled foam

— The recycled foam derives from a mixture of surplus production from a factory in Portugal. This mixture of various foam leftovers is pressed and gives rise to recycled foam, which is later used in the production of insoles. In addition to this material, we use bamboo in the insoles to make shoes even more comfortable.


— The jute used in the lining and laces of some of’s shoes is a vegetable textile fiber without any chemical addition. Combined with organic cotton, it results in a biodegradable and more environmentally friendly material. This raw material comes from India. give a second life

30 000 tonnes

It is estimated that the food and juice industry produces around 30,000 tonnes of apple waste annually.These residues, when not reused, are thermally destroyed or deposited in landfills. With the use of Apple Skin, each for gives a new life to apple waste.